About The Cheesecake Boutique


Pure, fresh ingredients are essential to a delicious and high-quality cheesecake. Our crusts, batter, fruit curds & compotes, ganaches and sauces are all made in-house. We also take the time to toast the nuts!


We carefully craft from the bottom up, layering texture and flavor,  giving you a medley of sensory sensation - creamy, crunchy, smooth. Our process is simple. We bake when your order, always from scratch and in small batches.

Delightfully Delicious

Made with quality ingredients and free from added stabilizers and preservatives, our simple process yields cheesecakes that are  exquisitely rich, light and creamy, an elevated experience. You'll notice the difference and taste our passion with your first bite.

A Labor of Love

The Cheesecake Boutique is dedicated to crafting the ideal first bite of cheesecake. That was the impetus of our cheesecake minis. Our delicious two-bites cheesecake mins have earned us  "Fayette's Finest Taste"  award at Taste of Fayette in 2009 & 2010.

In 2008, we started our business in Fayetteville, GA, mainly focusing on serving some of Atlanta's top hotels, businesses, private chefs, and catering companies in the B2B sector. However, when the pandemic occurred, we had to make a quick change in our approach. We began selling our products directly to customers like you through our online store. We are incredibly grateful to still be here, offering you our best products and services. But by Grace and the continued support of our loyal customers, we are so grateful to still be here giving you our very best.

Whether indulging, gifting or celebrating, choose The Cheesecake Boutique. You'll notice the difference and taste our passion with your first bite.

About Marie

Who knew?

After a successful and rewarding 10yr career in public health, I wanted something different and decided to uncover a new passion. Little did I know what role the joyful memories of my childhood growing up in the Caribbean would play . Memories like cutting fresh flowers and setting the table as my parents prepared Thanksgiving dinner, or memories of summer visits to my grandparents in Nevis and observing my great aunt (Aunty Mary), at her bakery, as she baked fresh bread in her outdoor stone oven for her customers. 

Our cheesecake collections are a nod to my Caribbean heritage, where fresh vibrant fruit and spices are central to our cuisine. It is my love of family and culture that I bring to our cheesecakes. 

My quest was realized November 1997 after  baking my first cheesecake, Sweet Potato Pecan, for a Thanksgiving office luncheon. And it was then, I had found it!  

Every day that I bake is still as exciting as that very first time 25 years ago. 

Certified Minority Business Enterprise