Trio of Comfort - 25 Piece Mini Cupcakes


The Trio of Comfort is a delightful assortment of 25 mini cupcakes, perfect for bringing a touch of sweetness and comfort during times of sorrow.

This charming collection features three classic flavors, each finished with our signature from-scratch buttercream: 

  • Red Velvet
  • Yellow
  • Chocolate                                                                                                                          

Portion size:  2 bites

These mini cupcakes are crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring each bite is a moment of indulgence and solace. The Trio of Comfort is not just a gift, but a heartfelt gesture, offering a bit of sweetness and warmth to those who need it most, during the most challenging times.

 Let this exquisite assortment of flavors and textures provide a soothing reminder of your support and care.

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