Mini Cheesecake Collections

Our Mini Cheesecake Collections are now available for nationwide shipping!

Embark on a journey and explore the exquisite world of our seasonally rotating artisanal cheesecake collections, where indulgence meets convenience.  

The perennial favorite,  Marie's Signature Collection along with our Gltuen-free* and Vegan Collections set the standard, and are complemented by seasonal rotations,  each bringing a unique flavor experience throughout the year. 

Our Spring Collection of Cheesecake Minis is up next!  Launching on March 7th! 

Meticulously packaged to guarantee freshness, our cheesecakes are expertly crafted and delivered directly to your doorstep. With every shipment, we invite you to partake in the joy of savoring these delectable creations.

So, let us handle the shipping while you savor the moments – a delightful way to share joy and elevate every occasion.  


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